Monday, November 10, 2008

Music Monday 11

"Subtly Intoxicating Folk-pop" is how Wikipedia describes The Weepies and I couldn't have said it better. Maybe I'm a little late on The Weepies bus, but I'm smitten. Songs like "All that I Want" "Nobody Knows me at All" and "Gotta Have You" are just irresistable. I think there is something about a married couple with musical gifts like these that I'm a sucker for.

Another delight as of late is Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit. I discovered them through my Paste Magazine sampler. (obsessed with this magazine subscription) You have got to get your ears on "The Box"!!


holli hale said...

Jane, I am so happy that Music Monday is back. I greatly admire your musical taste. This is how I found out about Beirut, and where would I be today without Beirut???

Livi said...

I heart music monday by Jane M. Impeccable musak taste.

Kylie said...

the weepies are SO POPULAR IN CHINA! i have chinese friends that know all the lyrics, haha i love it too.