Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Mormon

I was recently informed that our Church as a new site for members and non memebers to learn more about our beliefs. So cool! It is natural for every human to ask themselves questions about the purpose of life. Here is a place where you can explore what our Church believes on the matter. I especially like the videos where converts talk about their conversion and their beliefs. Take a Browse! This picture really doens't have anything to do with, but what's a post with out a picture right??? And basically I miss Brooklyn so bad it hurts.


Kate said...

Jane jane Jane.
You are my favorite cousin. Well, along with your twin, Eegs, and Annie..

Anywho.. you are so cute. I almost shed multiple tears when I read your comment on my blog. Sniff sniff!!! That necklace is beautiful! I'm honored!!! You girls are so talented it's almost a sin.. Thank you!
Darling brooklyn!!

Miss Paula said...

i'm mormon, too! what a co-in-quee-dink. yeah, that's right. i struggled to spell that out. anyhoo, i sure do love you and i'm so so SO glad we've found each other in the wonderful world of blogging. three cheers for fun friends! speaking of fun friends, i've recently made the acquaintance of lindsay papke. sure do love that girl! will i ever see you again?

Meagan Briggs said...

Great Post! I is a great site!

And brooklyn is So cute and that white dress is totally GapKids. LOVE IT! and I love you!

Kylie said...

hey hey! how bout that! how are you jane? we are just splendid on this side of the earth! are you off track right now?

Tobler said...
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Whale in a Cubicle said...

Hey Jane, this is Chris from whale in a cubicle - just writing to let you know you were one of the winners for our Dears 7" giveaway! Yay!

If you could shoot me off an email ASAP with your address that would be all kinds of awesome. Thanks!