Tuesday, July 17, 2012

mermaids reunite

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
Kimberly and Maggie decided to come along for the ride to pick Teen up from the airport. It was pretty hilarious and the reminiscing got pretty rowdy. It was near midnight, but we made a stop at our first house on 1300 E, made our way over to our 2nd house on 2100 E, and that's when the break up started: Teen moved to California shortly after, Maggie bailed to Washington, D.C., and Kimberly got married. All good things I guess. But we were back together for a few hours and I was so happy.
memory lane:
christmas 2010
mavericks fro yo
goodbye breakfast
kitchen table
snow days
itty bitty salt lake city
apple picking


Maggie said...

I feel vulnerable.

his little lady said...

you guys are all so fabulous! absolutely adore this! yay for being together!
xo TJ

Kristine said...

that was the happiest reunion! for reals. it felt so good to be back with my girls! and i loved our home tour. brought back so many memories.. and so does the blog archive. so glad i've blogged over the years.