Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June classroom

Picture 8
My darling niece came to school for the day to help in my last week of school and it was the best. She's visited me before and is always asking when she can come again but it's hard to do since she's in school too. Oh how I love her help. She got right to work and did anything I asked. The 1st graders loved her too and were enamored.
Picture 9 
We had a plants unit that took us through the last week and I used this bulletin board packet to help teach the unit. They really loved it and it is a reminder at how useful visuals are. They love science units so much.
Our 1st grade team got a grant for ipod nanos that we are using for centers with books. I love how quiet they are and how special they feel to use this technology. 

Picture 6
The last day of school is a lot of cleaning and a lot of excitement. I try to not rush the last week because I want my students to be engaged till they end. (for my sanity and theirs) I got this from another 1st grade teacher on my team and I got a kick out of having the class spend time getting all their classmates signature. Pretty cute for them.


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

I love that picture of those two boys reading together! SO CUTE!!! I looooved the science units too in school, hence why I was a health science major at byu-i!

Elyse is so adorable. What a grown up girl!!

Remember when she called me a boy?? hahahaha!!!!

Kristine said...

elise is so cute! what a darling helper.