Monday, July 23, 2012

conversations for my runs

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I'm training for my first marathon (see more about that over HERE). Anytime I run 7 or more miles I select a Conversation from the Mormon Channel and that takes me through almost my whole run. It's a nice break from music, it's inspiring and interesting. I am so engaged that my runs go by quicker and I come home feeling double productive. win win.

So far I've heard from:
Virgina H. Pearce (daughter of President Hinckely and author of a book I love "A Heart Like His")
Brother and Sister Dalton (I worked for Brother Dalton and his sons at his design company, they are marathon runners!)
Elder and Sister Bednar (he was president of BYU-I for the first few years I was there)
Elder and Sister Perry (best voice, that guy)
Elder Scott and his daughter (tender loving man)
Elder and Sister Gonzalez (love her conversion story and excitement)
Elder and Sister Oaks (disciplined and hardworking couple)
Elder and Sister Clayton (one of my friends parents and enjoyed hearing about their family experiences)

Try it.


Brooke Brown said...

i do the same! it definitely makes you feel like a champion win you're done with your work out. one of my all-time favorites is the one with susan easton black. highly recommend it! sister thompson's was super interesting too - talks a lot about being a single woman and all that. i cried while listening to it on my run home once. haha.

Lisa Fly Rondo said...

LOVE THIS IDEA! how do i get this onto my phone? is it an app?

Lisa Fly Rondo said...

nevermind i downloaded it, brilliant THANK YOU! and love your new blog header!!

Chris Loves Julia said...

I had no idea! Can't wait to listen, too!

whitney said...

I absolutely love this idea! I might just have to copy you.

holli h. said...

the one with elder and sister oaks is so good!

julieb said...

thanks for the tip!
im totally going to do this!
sooo exciting to be training for a marathon!
im sure you will do great!!