Sunday, July 22, 2012

MJ and Utah Symphony

Deer Valley

Got a solid group to go to The Music of Michael Jackson and the Utah Symphony for a super nice Saturday evening.
We stopped at Whole Foods to divide and conquer. Everyone bought something to eat for dinner and then something to share with the group. Which really means we ended up with too much food. 
(think fancy cheese, crackers, grapes, chips + salsa, Lacey's cookies, yogurt covered pretzels, carrots, on and on)
It felt good to just eat on blankets, enjoy the mountain air, jam to MJ, and talk.
Why haven't I done this before?


Kristine said...

well if that's not the funnest group of friends! seems like a perfect summer night to me.

holli h. said...

how did i miss this event!?!?