Tuesday, February 2, 2010

knitty gritty

we took Kelly's knitting 101 class last week. (highly recommend, she's an amazing person and an excellent teacher) We've been busy little knitter's ever since.
knitting circles are productive AND therapeutic. Win!


Sam and Livi said...

that picture is classic!

em said...

Wow cheese ball picture!!

julieb said...

we were just talking about you guys talking about doing a for reals craft night....
what night?
any night is good for me.
lets get this started.

Susan Petersen said...

what?? why wasn't i invited? i actually don't know if i'm hip enough for you gals..for realz

Katelyn said...

wish I was there. I would come knit too!

do you knit european? I think I've asked you this before.

G-rant said...

YES!!!!!! can i put this picture on my blog? i love it a lot.

David said...

I hope this picture was taken with a self timer. It just makes the whole situation surrounding the photo so much better.