Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hair flip

check out my happy list over at livi's fantastic blog.
i've much to be happy about and it should just be mandatory to make happy lists once a month.
(esp. in these dreary weary winter days)
Thanks Livi!

see happiness #6: I tried Vegan cookies today. They are called Super Charge Me Cookies. No eggs! whaaat?! That maple syrup / pb / vanilla combo really is the trick. I liked the results of the spelt flour / oats / and flax meal too. Tops cookie.

If you give a girl a cookie...she'll probably ask for a glass of milk....Almond milk people. I'm telling you---it's the future.

willard image


julieb said...

love this photo, and the happy list one.
jane = hot

Holli said...

Almond milk is the business!

David said...

I am not sure what bothers me more; that there are so many picture of guys you are NOT dating in your bedroom, or that there are NO pictures of guys you ARE dating in your bedroom.

shauna.m. said...

ha i love daves comment...i looove almond milk...and rice milk...and hemp and aloe vera juice...u can try them all when u get here so hurry!!

David said...

Trying hemp with Shauna will not be on the agenda when you are in town.