Friday, May 18, 2012

TAL Live

ira glass

I went to a movie theater with some friends to see Ira Glass and performers do a live showing of This American Life. It was just as good to SEE as it is to listen to. Ira Glass is a talent and I was suuuuper happy that David Sedaris did an act. A comedian, Tig Notaro, did an act that I think was my favorite of the show. She has a podcast too called Professor Blastoff which I'm hoping is as funny as her standup was.
There was a rad dance company that performed too.
I'm gonna stop. I usually don't type this many words on a blog. I hope you can find a way to watch this one. 


holli h. said...

lucky! i so wanted to go to that.

Lindsay said...

I love Ira! I got to seem him speak in Sun Valley and he started the night with the lights off and him talking into the mic and everyone was focused on his voice but it made it more exciting and comical knowing he was right there. I love (and am jealous) that you got to go to the live show!

Cheryl said...

I went to this too up in Seattle - was such fun to experience the show "live" and I agree - the story by Tig was my favorite. I actually did a weird sort of snort/laugh/clap thing when Taylor Dane walked out on stage...too funny (this is Cheryl, your sister Annie's friend).

Cheryl said...
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Megan Coffey said...

We saw him "live" up at the Alderwood theater. Sooo awesome, and hilarious watching Tig! I posted a video on my facebook from the "music session!" Branden surpised me with the photography book of the street photographer. AMAZING images!