Thursday, May 31, 2012

cheese please


cheese4 cheese3

this is how it went: our friend Josh was in town from California so we wanted to show him a real good salt lake city time. it was a perfect spring evening and there was a free concert at the Gallivan Center. sure, why not. nothing to lose. We go, we see a large group of teens in yellow and black pimp suits playing jazz music. zonk. we start to dance a little for fun and a lady whips over to us and begs us to dance on the stage below the performers in front of the crowd. She's obviously desperate to excite the event as we learn she's kinda running the gig. We are hesitant but after promises of free cheese and drinks Heather and Josh agree. They dance. We laugh. We share a few boxes of cheese and crackers. 

the end.

After, we hit Red Iguana II for dinner.
Then Sonic for treats cause I have a 2 year old gift card. Sonic on me everyone!
Lumpy's for late night dancing.

How bout that?

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Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

I wanna see more of your gold shoes!!!!!!

Reminds me of the time we were in SLC with Whitney Durkin and danced in that amphitheater to Nelly Furtado "I am like a bird." Remember that!? It was HOT in SLC and we were all acting like fools! hahaha good times.