Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May classroom

I came back from off-track and was feeling lots of love during Teacher Appreciation! The PTA treated us so well and I received some sweet notes and treats from the students. Still looking for someone to take to Cold Stone...takers?


Picture 4
The bulletin board is the students illustration of their mom's portrait and a filled out questionnaire about their mom.
We made a simple card that was the easiest idea I saw on pinterest.

Wore these pants and was asked A FEW TIMES "Hey Miss Metcalf, did you get new pajama pants?"  Doh!

The first grade teachers have to rotate classrooms when we go off-track so I've been in 4 classrooms this year. I scored this round because I finally got a room with WINDOWS! So thrilled. I haven't closed the blinds once. Natural light. 
We are learning about Life Cycles through Butterflies. 10 little caterpillars arrived on Friday and we will be watching them grow and change into a chrysalis and then a butterfly and then we'll let them go. This unit makes my classroom real pretty too.

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kylie said...

you will forever be the hottest hippest teacher on the planet. how have you not been snagged already?! you are fabulous.