Friday, April 22, 2011

H Mart

H Mart
Dream Mart

This place is incredible. They have a food court with Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese...
We settled with the Vietnamese and shared spring rolls, meatless pho, and a cucumber chicken bowl. It was so fresh and delicious. The pho broth was like none I'd ever tasted before. The spring rolls were so tight and perfectly crunchy and layered. The cucumber bowl had really fresh carrots, lettuce, and cucumbers. We were giddy the whole time.

Now the market. After the food court is a little grocery store. There is a sweet man at the entrance who is hand making rice cakes and you can buy a bag. We did. Then you walk down the candy isle and feel the need to touch and buy things you don't actually want to eat, but just want to have on display cause of it's cuteness. And they have a actually everything you need to make an Asian dish. plus some. It's daunting though cause an entire isle for soy sauce...which one should you buy?

And there is a Cream Puff place. We didn't get one, but they make them and you can pick the filling. Can you even handle that? I don't even think I like cream puffs. But now I want to.

If you go to Lynnwood, Washington you will over look this, probably cause it's in the old Mervyn's, but this place is brillz.


Holly C M said...

yummy food and great company--you!

The Crandallions said...

that's so funny they have one there too because they have one by us as well. I love going and getting they're kancho cookies that have chocolate inside, and picking out pretty drinks to try. that store is the best! when you visit Kristine sometime you have to go to the Asian shopping center in Irvine. You'll love it!

em said...

awesome! I need to go

jane said...

This little H Mart looks too familiar to several little joints here in Singy! Aren't they fun once and a while?

Also, try Bearded Papa next time...they are amazin!