Sunday, January 2, 2011

Santa Surprise Balls

Egan and I put together the surprise balls for all the babies this year. Don't you love the different sizes of them? I can't handle the Santa faces. It's our first time wrapping them this way.

It was Christmas Eve and I was struck with the plague (that later hit everyone else in the family). I heard the squeals and giggles all the way upstairs while I lay cotton-mouthed in a dark room. Surprise balls I think are the number 1 favorite tradition for the kids.

2009 , here too


Kristine said...

that picture of saylor is MY favorite. That facial expression. pure excitement. gah!

i loved the santa's this year. So dope!

heather said...

those are the best surprise balls i've ever seen! you guys inspired me to try to do something like that for my lil babies, but they didn't turn out nearly as cool as yours. great job you guys.

Anonymous said...

I love the surprise balls of the Metcalf family!

jenniferbourne said...

Thank you for making it fun! So sad that you were suffering so and couldn't enjoy :(. Note to self: open Christmas eve pj's prior to surprise balls (if only for better picture sake).