Wednesday, January 5, 2011

20 questions

Today we read a story about moving and making new friends. We discussed experiences where we have had to make new friends and what that has been like.

This little girl told how last night she was at this building where they were eating and she met a friend. I asked her more about it, like what was this building and how did she start talking to this girl. I figured it was a restaurant, but she said no, and then I figured it was something for maybe her Dad's work because of the way she described this building that was far away.
Here's the dialogue:

girl: "it's this place, a tall building that has a restaurant on top and then a play area by the entrance where you can place and the adults are upstairs."

me: "Was it for your dad's work?

girl: "no it was by my grandparents house so we could see our cousins"

boy: "i think i know what place that is, it has furniture and clothes and it's far away."

girl: "Yes! Yes!"

boy: "It is like 'OOkk' something it has a 'c' in it.

girl: "?"

boy: "Ikea. Ikea!"

girl: "yes Ikea"

Hilarious. I was so confused. And Ikea was the last place I would have come up with.

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