Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In 2011 I want to...

My 1st graders write in journals every other day and their writing prompt this week was

In 2011 I want to_______________________.

I got some really good ideas for 2011 year goals:

"have a pillow phight and a pese of cake and ice crem."
translation: have a pillow fight and a piece of cake and ice cream

"get a dagpipee"
translation: get a bagpipe

"have a good year."
yes, yes yes

don't you wish your life was this simple?


em said...

ahaha! So funny!!

Kristine said...

so great!!

Holly C M said...

cute--a bagpipe.

And the translation should read "piece"

palefoot said...

i love your school posts

Mandy said...

Cuuuuuute! I love it. And yes, I wish I could go back. Or at least convince Avery that the last thing she wants is to grow up! :) I start school again on Thursday and I have been thinking about you and Kristine sooo much! I am not looking forward to being a 26 year old junior and not even getting the perk of hanging with you.

jane said...

oh man, i want to be young again. their lives are so simple...i think they have it all figured out!