Sunday, December 26, 2010

zero waste house

On the plane to California I read an article in Sunset magazine about a Zero Waste house. They have no trash, no garbage, nothing, zero. I've been thinking about it a lot since and I'm sure my family is sick of me bringing it up. I'm fascinated. They are even minimal recyclers. It's incredible. Certainly it's something to be proud of when you do everything in your power to reduce your carbon footprint, but I'm also in love with how simple and clean their house is. I keep thinking about this image from their pantry and how much I want those glass jars. I love when cupboards and closets have consistent and same organizing method.

I'm on a hunt to find these jars and to eventually and gradually create the above. Shim and Sons just posted about these jars she purchased that are so perfect. I love the clear glass, the size, and the orange peeking out. She got them from Canoe. I then found some French Le Parfait glass jars on Overstock and Amazon. Pretty good deals. Ideally I'd be bringing them to the grocery store to get filled. But goodness! that takes pre-thought and planning. Impressive life.


Holly C M said...

I am interested in this. I could do more, and I agree with the simplicity appeal.

Krista & Tyler said...

Jane -
Would you be interested in playing in a winter vball league?! We would play on Wednesday nights, not sure of the times yet. Cost is $35 a person, for just 6 ppl. If we found one or two more for subs, the cost would go down a bit. Anyway, I am looking for one more! I would love it to be you!
Money is due by Thursday, so if you could let me know by Wed I would love to hear back from you!

megan said...

I really really love this. thank you.

Christina said...

Hi Jane,
Annie's friend, Christina, here. My husband was telling me about this family because he read the Sunset article. My thoughts were, "Ew. I bet they smell." Then after seeing the photo you posted, I thought, "There is no way smelly people would have such an awesome cupboard." So then I read the article. Now, I am kind of obsessed. My husband didn't even say, "I told you so." I may have to post about this some day.