Monday, December 6, 2010

Slow down, Hurry up

James Tissot The Magi Journeying

I went with my family to the Carl Bloch exhibit down at the MOA in Provo. It was a knock out. Perfect for this time of year too. I loved looking and the images of Christ. I've seen many of them before, but there were new ones too--all incredible.

Downstairs they had an exhibit for James Tissot. His detailed paintings blew me away. I have this print postcard size clipped to my December calendar.

Two things/points I wanted to make. Get down to Provo. hurry. AND also hurry over to the Christmas page. I spent all Sunday morning on it. Just what I needed.


Holly C M said...

I loved both exhibits too. Last week in institute I did a slideshow of about 20 Tissot paintings featuring the last week of Christ's life. To me, it was so moving.

palefoot said...

i am so jealous! i wanted to go to that exhibit so bad!

Kristine said...

loved doing this. BYU did a really nice job.

i say lets go to Denmark! and see the castle where his paintings are!