Thursday, December 16, 2010

"pine cones and little cuties"

This is for the 2nd Annual Favorites party we had last night. As you can see my current favorites are these glasses I found at Pier 1 (I want a cupboard full of colored glass cups) and of course little cuties (how many is too many to eat in one day?), throw in some pine and you have Christmas.
best song


David said...

Ken eats cuties like M&M's. Fun to watch except when he is doing it at your house with your cuties.

Holly C M said...

Jane--love the "favorites" gift you made! So darling. And LOVE the Lennon sisters and the Osmonds. Oh, if my mom had had more time to push us!

Kristine said...

janer. i love this! so cute. give me one please!

wish o wish i could've been at the party with my favorite girlies.

jane said...

Oh please Oh please was this 'THEE' FAVORITES party? i missed out. i can't stand this anymore...friendgiving and now the favorites party!?

next year i'm gonna skype myself in so i don't miss any of the action!

love ya, p.s...these glasses are fabulous...gotta get myself to pier 1 asap.