Wednesday, December 1, 2010

gchat stew

Courtney Webb

to me
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4:07 PM me: bowling?
Courtney: yeah
i'll be therte
4:09 PM me: narly
Courtney: narls barkley
me: charles
4:10 PM Courtney: dickens
me: andy dick
4:11 PM Courtney: andy richter
me: richter scale
4:12 PM Courtney: snakes with scales
4:13 PM me: Snakes on a plane
4:15 PM Courtney: plane jane
4:16 PM me: Jane doe
4:17 PM Courtney: doe a deer
me: Deer valley
4:18 PM Courtney: as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
4:22 PM me: Moon walk
Courtney: c-walk
4:24 PM me: SEA TAC
Courtney: tic tac tow
4:26 PM me: Tickle me elmo