Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's about time I introduce you to Supernova Granola. A place for beautiful food and majoring in Granola. I'm still in the very early & beginning stages. (after all, I have a full time teaching job)

I'd like you to take a look around. And check my blog too! I've been posting over there for a few months now. I give ideas of how to use the granola. And I keep you informed on what I'm experimenting with. Let me know what you think. I'd also like to know what you wish to see over there.

I plan on selling my own granola as well as giving tips and hints at a healthier lifestyle.

and a big thanks to Maggie and Egan for huge helps.


emilyhutchison said...

Jane, you are such a businesswoman. That website looks so good. You do the best job of making healthy food tempt me as much as Taco Time does (not an easy feat.). I am so proud of you and need some of that granola, traditional.

julieb said...

i just bought some homemade granola from the healt food store and it was the best ever ever!
i cant wait for yours!!