Wednesday, January 27, 2010

yeast, flour, honey, set, rise, bake at 350=world peace

Baked bread with two of my sisters today. (one and two)
We tried 3 recipes: one from Martha Stewart, one from Cooks Illustrated, and one recommended by a friend. I've had a slice of each. Winners all around.
What I've concluded:
+since when did bread not have eggs?
+long process----totally worth it
+the smell of bread could solve all the hate, crime, war, and sadness in the world
+forget my previous post....all i ever really need is a slice of this stuff, please


(i'n a kakie) said...

Oh yummm. Just looking at that picture takes me back to my childhood and everyone fighting over the entire tops when they'd 'accidentally' fall off. (and then ultimately, leaving it for dad cuz it's his all-time favorite) Really though, if everyone baked bread, this world would be very different. There's just something about it.

Holly C M said...

So proud of you! Homemade bread is the best! Recipe?

Susan Petersen said...

nice meeting you last night at class...i found your blog through paula peralta....she is a good friend of mine..