Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wait a second

So apparently Dan Martensen and Shannan Click have my life. weird.
I love The Selby's images, and I love the concept of photographing people in their homes and creative, inspiring environments.
It's beautiful, isn't it?

I've created a list of skills I want to acquire or strengthen in 2010, here are a few:
canning: pickles, salsa, peaches
jam making
bread baking
muscle toning (that's a skill right?)
hip hop dancing
mouth washing
reading (just more of it)
happiness spreading


Katelyn said...

love your list. it's perfect.

Mandy and Roger Woodhouse said...

LOVE the list of things to stengthen... what a great idea. I like not necessarily having goals planned out, but just a general idea of things to work on... COOL.

Laura Hendricks said...

i love the selby too...such good stuff always. that is a great list!

Paige said...

That's a cool website.
Hmm, that looks like a nice life.
Nice list.

hearblack. said...

all the photos are the selby are awesome,
this place especially