Monday, June 22, 2009

Music Monday 20

Just watched Rushmore again.
It's had me repeating these lines in my head. Cause they're my fave

Herman Blume: So you've changed your mind and you want the job.
Max Fischer: No, I've got an idea and I need some money.


Max Fischer: [to Dr. Peter] I was punched in the face. What's your excuse?

What's this got to do with Music Monday you ask?
Cat Stevens.
It has me thinking about Cat Stevens. I don't think I've listened to 'Peace Train' enough in my life or 'Wild World' for that matter.
I can change that. Just did.
I love 'The Wind' played on Rushmore.


Holli said...

awww... I love that movie. Well, except when I saw it the DVD was scratched and the I wasn't able to watch the last five minutes. I texted Cha Cha to find out how the movie ends. haha.

Bethany'sBazodi said...

words cant describe the love i feel for cat...or cats for that matter.