Monday, June 8, 2009

Kite in Flight

A few weeks ago the sisters and I were in the mood for a little kite flying. Lucky for us Kristine had just purchased a kite with flames and we have a magnificent hilly park right down the street.
Sister E blogged about it here. be sure to click on her picture too!!!!


Mandy said...

i hate reading your blog. it makes me jealous. and that makes me bitter. and bitterness is not in right now. :) how do you guys think of such fun things to do!!?? i love it. i haven't flown a kite in... well... i saw the little british kid in Nanny McPhee fly a kite a few years ago when that movie came out. i think that's the closest i've ever been. i love seeing what you and your super cool family are up to. love you.
ps hope you had a great birthday in california!!!! 24!! that's huge!! kiefer sutherland is proud.

Kylie said...

top photo = my fav

The Roper's said...

Hey Jane-
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog . . . so I never did get back with you about coming to visit (sorry about that) and obviously it's too late, but you mentioned you are working - where are you working at????

Remember those books that Talon's Mom gave us? Well, we went ahead and made some little memory books out of them at the end of the year. I printed off a bunch of photos I had taken throughout the year and you were in many of them. The kids were all saying how much they missed you as they were gluing away . . .

So do you have a job teaching school? We should get together some time and do lunch. Sara, Kathy and I get together occasionally and hang out - hope you are having a great summer and let me know what's up with your job status! We hired 2 new First Grade teachers at Vista . . . craziness in the First Grade - I will have to tell you all about it!