Tuesday, January 20, 2009

500 days of Jane

1. Wished G. Crew a Happy Birthday! What up 5 year old!!!!

2. Inaugurated it UP!

3. Waited patiently for our mattresses to arrive today! Now...If only I could use some magical Anthropologie powers to make it ultimate cuteness.

4. Stood in line for 45 minutes to try and see this movie. Looking forward to it's release into regular theaters soon enough. Apparently it is THE hot ticket for Sundance goers.

5. Enjoyed watching a live human experiment take place: A Sundance volunteer told a group of 50ish people to get in a number ordered line. Oh boy, you should have seen the difficulty of such a simple task. I laughed quite enjoyingly.

6. Worried and continually concerned for my brother-in-law. Believe in the power of prayer.


Paige said...

I hope your brother-in-law will be okay. What a so hard thing for that little family to go through. I'll pray for them too.

Looks like a fun movie. I wonder if my Sommer will want to see it when she's a teenager...

Livi said...

that movie looks cool. I def pray for you and your family.