Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maggie's 27th Birthday

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Saturday we went to Bruges Waffles with Bethany and Lindsay who were both in town. (score!)
We headed off to the pool after for a nice time at Steiners with friends. I loved having my Rexburg girls by my side.
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We met friends at Myung Ga for korean bbq and then headed to the drive in. We had a blast. I'm so happy drive ins still exist and we have one close. We watched The Purge and Fast 6. The Purge was totally scary but a perfect drive in choice. And Fast 6...no brainer, love that movie.
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Sunday, Maggie's actual birthday, started out with almond oat waffles and ended with fancy sandwiches which I will share in a later post. 
Love that Mags.


Maggie said...

Jane, that breakfast...

Kristine said...

GOOD TIMESSSS!! lucky maggie!!