Tuesday, July 9, 2013


photo 3
snap chat from Egan

photo 1
snap chat from Teen, duh
waking up to breakfast goods from my roommates!
treat basket from Egan
 photo 5
 photo 4
Roots cafe for breakfast with my mom! (who happened to be in town! lucky me!)
afternoon snack, cause my birthday lands on Donut Day!
photo 6
photo 8
Bees game with friends
photo 7
flowers from a cute boy

I took the day off work and that always is a good idea. I woke up to texts and face time with Benson and Lindsey who are all the way over in Australia. My roommates had sweet goods on the kitchen table for me which made me smile so big. My mom picked me up and we had breakfast at Roots cafe. She brought me a plant and a balloon and gosh I love her. Next up, Amber and I got pedicures and then headed to the pool. After pool, Mags, Amber and I ate Banburry Cross donuts in honor of Donut day. Then we got ready and met a few friends for tacos at a taco stand on State st. We finished the night at the Bees game and had the best time with the best group of friends. 
The next day I ran a Utah Valley Half Marathon went out with a boy who brought me flowers and took me to Chunga's for dinner.


Brooke Kunz said...

whaaat i missed your bday no!! guess you didn't need my bday greetings for it to be good. most importantly, who's the cute boy, who's the cute boy!?

Lindsey said...

Has it already been a month since we FaceTimed? We must do it again soon!

kate said...

I like the way you party

Kristine said...

next year lets me together ok! i'm glad you had a fine celebration!! you deserve it.