Wednesday, July 10, 2013

birthday family dinner

We get together with family for a Sunday dinner when it's someone's birthday. I am so happy and lucky to have Egan and Annie living near. I super scored this birthday cause my mom was in town too. She asked me what I wanted for my birthday dinner and that's a silly question when your mom is cooking who happens to be your favorite cook in the entire world. But salmon was decided, and salmon we had. Check out that fruit salad, it's what dreams are made of. Annie always has a birthday crown and makes a bday girl feel like gold. I wish there were more photos of everyone else, darn it.
2013.MayJune 076
2013.MayJune 084
2013.MayJune 087
2013.MayJune 092
2013.MayJune 097
2013.MayJune 103
2013.MayJune 112
2013.MayJune 120
2013.MayJune 122
photo 9
photo 10

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Mandy said...

That crown! Those legs! Those blonde Metcalf sisters!! I want to have just one Freaky Friday day with you. Please? Let's break a fortune cookie while saying "I wish I was you!" next time we see each other, okay?