Monday, July 1, 2013

Hurricane, UT

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June 21-23
Hurricane, UT

9 of us took off to our friend Taylor's family's new place in Southern Utah. His house is amazing. It's middle of nowhere with this incredible pool and view. We spent the weekend doing lots of whatever-we-want. That included: a 6 mile morning run, pool time listening to some 90's jams, shooting, 4 wheeling to some dino tracks (that 10 mile ride turned my hair into a giant dirt dread), bbq lunch, reading, wood-fire pizza on the back of Dave's truck, World War Z, and more shooting.
All in a weekends work.


Kristine said...

this weekend looks like perfection! you guys did it all. great pics too btw.

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Cute pictures!
(cozy on the 4-wheeler...SO CUTE!)

There are some pretty spectacular places around Utah!!

Maggie said...

That was 10 miles away? Man, time flies when you're sucking dust. Cool pics, jane bug.

kate said...

that pizza looks delicious