Thursday, March 19, 2009


Taken in September. Obviously we do pretty well around a bowl of popcorn in a kitchen. I love my roommates!

I think I found it. I think I found the perfect dessert.
Discovered on Pretty.Little.World.
Via Real Simple.

After our singles ward went to the temple my homegirls and I got down to business. Homemade Popcorn and Rasberry Smores. I think we stood in the kitchen for 30 minutes oohing and awing and yumming and devouring. We all agreed. Raspberry Smores have our heart. It's the tang. A little fresh punch to an already delicious dessert. The thing I love about smores is that they are fast! And cheap! And easy!


KM said...

I just couldn't agree more with ya. I want to shake the person's hand who invented the smore.

Holly C M said...

I gotta have me some. Congrats on the job. And fun to be with you today.

Kristine said...

smores, raspberries, homemade popcorn, besties, spring


now if i can just get tan!