Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blitzen Trapper

Two Portland Bands in one week! What a treat.
On Friday night my girls and I went to Kilby Court to see Blitzen Trapper play.
I loved seeing them live. They rocked out! I was surprised. Like dirty-electric-guitar-rocked-out. I was also surprised at what a dude band Blitzen Trapper is. The place was packed with guys. Lots of dreads going on too.

+lead singer is small
+lead singer has hair that kinda looks whigish
+drummer has pipes! surprisingly. nice element to have a vocalist drummer.
+the presence of a bird whistle made me happy
+wished there was more harmonica going on
+loooved that they stuck around after wards and visited, thanked people for coming out. classy.

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Maggie said...

haha... I love the drummers face in that picture