Friday, March 6, 2009


We are featured on Your Heart Out today!
Cool Huh!
Check it out Here!

I have some new earrings to post on our shop this weekend. I kinda wish I could keep them. But I'd rather see them on your ears!

++ OH! And our Sale is still going on! FREE SHIPPING ON PILLOWS! There are 3 pillows left in the shop! Hurry Hurry!


K8 said...

WHAT?! This is awesome! congrats girls!

Annie P said...

Congrats. I love those lamps. I love you guys.

Lindsey said...

so awesome!

paula peralta said...

kudos, sisters! you both have great style! hope your sales take off! you deserve it!

Kylie said...

so how is your shop going, anyway? i'm curious!