Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blog Foul?

I know what your thinking----you've seen just one too many blog posts about cupcakes. And this is my second in a month. So I may get yellow carded for this...but i'm doing it anyway! Today at work I was discussing the deliciousness of Sprinkles Cupcakes with my coworker. We were daydreaming about how we would eat them for lunch if we could. Well...lo and behold...just about 2pm the said coworker brought me a treat. My very own cupcake. It was the sweetest thing. Made my day. I couldn't believe she took her hour lunch break to drive to Newport and pick one up for me. What a doll. I'll have you know I'm paying it forward and sharing it with my sister tonight!!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two Shows...Two Days

Last Week my friend Sarah and I went to two shows. TWO SHOWS IN TWO DAYS. It was crazy. Both were hour drives and late nights. But worth every ounce of gas and every yawn at work.
Show number 1 was in San Diego at the Casbah. Vampire Weekend played. I had been looking forward to this show for about a month and had played their studio shows from NPR a couple times a week. They have a fresh sound with catchy beats. I love their look featuring collared shirts, levis, and loafers. We were close to the stage which was a bonus.
Show number 2 was Bon Iver in L.A. I am SO happy that I got the chance to see Justin Vernon and hear his rich voice. I had been listening to Bon Iver's show from South By Southwest last week and I wanted to was ridiculous. It's just beautiful music. For a guy that hides away in a cabin for a year he actually seems to be a real and personable guy.
Bon Iver in Los Angeles
Vampire Weekend in San Diego
love this girl.

(Thank you Sarah Usher for pictures. You're a vision and a dream. WINK!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Color Me

Spring means color...and I am in LOVE with the colors this season. I am inspired by strappy sandals, colorful cardigans, enamel jewelry, and vintage scarves.

Thanks jcrew, urban outfitters, steve madden, and something silver for photos.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ya,'s trendy and expensive. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't try Sprinkles Cupcakes. A lady brought these into work today and was kind enough to share. These will be served for breakfast in Heaven.

Bag Tag

This is a purse my older sister got in Italy. It was given to the twin, but has been borrowed by me enough times that I claim it. I go through purse phases. I use this for months, then another, then come back to this one. I Love that it is quality, durable leather, it's a perfect size, and no one else has it.

This is a Gap outlet purchase. Mainly used for beach purposes, but of late has been my work bag. What I Love about this bag is that it is big enough for my lunch and book etc. and it is free standing. I Don't Love that it is open, I'd rather keep my personal items enclosed.

This purse was also purchased in Italy. The twin brought it home about two years ago. Haven't used it a ton, but it's a beauty. Kinda edgy. I like that.

I would Love to own this Gwen Stefani purse. I never will. But it is a beauty. Besides the fact I can't afford it, it wouldn't fit with my wardrobe. I don't have (nor wear) nice enough clothes to pull off this classy number. Eye candy is all.

This Marc Jacobs clutch is a dream. I don't like carrying big bags around usually. Something to hold the simple necessities.

Marc Jacobs...what can I say. I love the guy. This is
1. more in my price range and
2. Fits with my wardrobe.
I'll have 1 of each please!

You're it!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Random Facts

I was tagged by Mandy T. Let me first tell you about my dear friend Mandy. She caught my eye the first few days of freshman year at BYU-Idaho. Before classes started we had to attend all these ridiculous orientation meetings and activities. She was ultra cool (may have even been wearing an Elvis shirt or something...I remember it was black and white) and next thing I know we're BFF's and if we aren't in class then we are together. (That goes for my sister and Katelyn too.) Mandy introduced me to all this cool music and we watched lots of 80's movies. Wow. Good times back in 03. But, frankly, that's an entirely different Blog entry.

Now on to my 5 Random Facts. (sigh) Here it goes...
1. Whenever I play hide-n-go-seek I have to go pee. Anyone else? It's so weird. Not like I play hide-n-go-seek anymore, but it's carried onto adult hood too. Like if someone is chasing me or I am really excited and I'm gonna scare someone or something I always have to go pee. Strange.
2. I collect Got Milk ads. Well, not that much anymore. But for awhile there my sister and I were ripping out Got Milk ads and putting them in this binder (which we still have). My mom was a PRO. Whenever we went to the Orthodontist we would all be flipping through magazines and when one of us spotted one that we didn't have in our collection then we would cough while my slyly ripped out the advertisement. Classy. If Doctor Hall ever reads this...Sorry about all those magazines!!!
3. Grocery shopping means browsing through the magazine section at the check out counter. I can't do it so much when I'm alone. But my mom can attest to the ritual of my sister and I flipping quickly through all the magazines that caught our eye. We would do this till my mom was walking through the doors out to the car. As much as I love magazines I rarely buy them. That's the twin's thing. Oh...and I usually flip through magazine's backwards.
4. Every single day in 3rd grade I wore sweats, except on picture day. And up until college I would run home and immediately pull on sweats. And it's not like the cute comfy's like the big, baggy, gray stuff. Glorious.
5. Whenever I open my Yoplait yogurt I bring it close to my open mouth and tear off the lid. I don't know where or when this started, but it's a habit I have. It's just been this simple solution to yogurt splurting out whenever the lid is torn off. I also have Light Yoplait Yogurt everyday at aroud 11:30. My favorite flavors: Vanilla, Apricot-Mango, Rasberry, Blackberry, Mixed Berries, and Lemon.

How's that for Random!
And I'd like to Tag ANNIE, KRISTINE, and MAGGIE

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I love that...

... Band of Horses has a song titled Detlef Schrempf.

Seattle Band
Seattle Supersonic


For your viewing pleasure...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nike Running Club

I discovered online this cool event Nike puts on. Once a week at almost any Nike store a Running Club goes out on a 3, 4, 5, or more mile run. I decided to take my sister along last night and I'm so glad I did. We met at the mall and went on a 4 mile run with three other girls. It really pushed me. The route had lots of hills and running with other people helped me stay at a really good pace. Every month they raffle off a pair of Nike shoes. So...even more bonus. OH...wait...and you get stickers, water, and luna bars! Can't beat that!!!! Check it out.
***Depending on the location their could be up to 40 or more people running with you.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I am currently living in Southern California with my sister and brother-in-law. It's the best. For the following reasons:
1. These cute kids
2. Thursday night treat night
3. Jen's cooking
4. Sharing a room with my best girlfriends
5. Dave's "da bomb".
6. Southern California....duh
7. Getting welcomed home from work by 4 cute kids
8. Going to the beach or park
9. Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights.
10. Skinny Cows (wink to Jen)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yep, That Just Happened...

I had the ultimate L.A. experience. And it involved the following:

A couple friends and I decided to head up to L.A. to see Cat Power. Knowing the show was already sold out we were going to test our luck with the scalpers. After awhile of walking around the block the possibilities of getting in looked slim. But, lo and behold a guy walked up to me and just gave me his spare ticket....Free of Charge! A little while later my friend Sarah was approached by another guy, who gave her a ticket...Free of Charge! Which I concluded that I had just witnessed the power of being a female! Cat Power would be on stage soon, so we decided to go in. The guys lucked out with free tickets about 10 minutes later and were in just after the 1st song.
I was not in L.A. more than five minutes when Lindsey Lohan strutted by. I saw flashes from papparzi, but I thought they were talking pictures of me, until I realized (I wasn't famous) and that they were pointed at two skinny girls walking briskly to the entrance of the theater. She walked past me and I still didn't recognize her until my friend said who it was.
Lindsey and I went to the same big deal!

After the show we headed over to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffle for a little dabble of soul food. It was grub. GRUB!