Sunday, March 9, 2008

Random Facts

I was tagged by Mandy T. Let me first tell you about my dear friend Mandy. She caught my eye the first few days of freshman year at BYU-Idaho. Before classes started we had to attend all these ridiculous orientation meetings and activities. She was ultra cool (may have even been wearing an Elvis shirt or something...I remember it was black and white) and next thing I know we're BFF's and if we aren't in class then we are together. (That goes for my sister and Katelyn too.) Mandy introduced me to all this cool music and we watched lots of 80's movies. Wow. Good times back in 03. But, frankly, that's an entirely different Blog entry.

Now on to my 5 Random Facts. (sigh) Here it goes...
1. Whenever I play hide-n-go-seek I have to go pee. Anyone else? It's so weird. Not like I play hide-n-go-seek anymore, but it's carried onto adult hood too. Like if someone is chasing me or I am really excited and I'm gonna scare someone or something I always have to go pee. Strange.
2. I collect Got Milk ads. Well, not that much anymore. But for awhile there my sister and I were ripping out Got Milk ads and putting them in this binder (which we still have). My mom was a PRO. Whenever we went to the Orthodontist we would all be flipping through magazines and when one of us spotted one that we didn't have in our collection then we would cough while my slyly ripped out the advertisement. Classy. If Doctor Hall ever reads this...Sorry about all those magazines!!!
3. Grocery shopping means browsing through the magazine section at the check out counter. I can't do it so much when I'm alone. But my mom can attest to the ritual of my sister and I flipping quickly through all the magazines that caught our eye. We would do this till my mom was walking through the doors out to the car. As much as I love magazines I rarely buy them. That's the twin's thing. Oh...and I usually flip through magazine's backwards.
4. Every single day in 3rd grade I wore sweats, except on picture day. And up until college I would run home and immediately pull on sweats. And it's not like the cute comfy's like the big, baggy, gray stuff. Glorious.
5. Whenever I open my Yoplait yogurt I bring it close to my open mouth and tear off the lid. I don't know where or when this started, but it's a habit I have. It's just been this simple solution to yogurt splurting out whenever the lid is torn off. I also have Light Yoplait Yogurt everyday at aroud 11:30. My favorite flavors: Vanilla, Apricot-Mango, Rasberry, Blackberry, Mixed Berries, and Lemon.

How's that for Random!
And I'd like to Tag ANNIE, KRISTINE, and MAGGIE


Mandy said...

you are the coolest and the sweetest and i love and miss ya dearly. i do, however, have one thing to correct: the sweats fact said "up until college". false. every day until i got hitched and moved out coming home to our apartment = sweats. i have totally picked up that habit from you and sweats are the best thing ever, next to you, of course. :) alas, you are now the one to school me in cool music, fashion, etc. AND you and kristine and katelyn are the reason that i ever dared to wander into the kitchen and try to cook something... granted all of those wanderings usually happened at 2am and involved tuna melts and oven fries (hence our collective freshman 50). and i so remember the yoplait thing - i kept that up for a couple of years after i moved away from ya too. ahhh did i mention i miss ya?

Meagan said...

you open the yogurt container exactly like I do. its because the yogurt splats out....duh

Fenrisar said...

See Here

Annie said...

Jane - Have I ever told you that I love your blog? You always have such great posts. Thanks. I will try and get to that tag.

Livi said...

Got Milk ads definitely make me think of you and Teen ALWAYS! That and Livestrong bands.