Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bag Tag

This is a purse my older sister got in Italy. It was given to the twin, but has been borrowed by me enough times that I claim it. I go through purse phases. I use this for months, then another, then come back to this one. I Love that it is quality, durable leather, it's a perfect size, and no one else has it.

This is a Gap outlet purchase. Mainly used for beach purposes, but of late has been my work bag. What I Love about this bag is that it is big enough for my lunch and book etc. and it is free standing. I Don't Love that it is open, I'd rather keep my personal items enclosed.

This purse was also purchased in Italy. The twin brought it home about two years ago. Haven't used it a ton, but it's a beauty. Kinda edgy. I like that.

I would Love to own this Gwen Stefani purse. I never will. But it is a beauty. Besides the fact I can't afford it, it wouldn't fit with my wardrobe. I don't have (nor wear) nice enough clothes to pull off this classy number. Eye candy is all.

This Marc Jacobs clutch is a dream. I don't like carrying big bags around usually. Something to hold the simple necessities.

Marc Jacobs...what can I say. I love the guy. This is
1. more in my price range and
2. Fits with my wardrobe.
I'll have 1 of each please!

You're it!!!

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Livi said...

I didn't even know that red bag was K's! I always think of you with that bag pulling out your keys to drive us all to church or something.