Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blog Foul?

I know what your thinking----you've seen just one too many blog posts about cupcakes. And this is my second in a month. So I may get yellow carded for this...but i'm doing it anyway! Today at work I was discussing the deliciousness of Sprinkles Cupcakes with my coworker. We were daydreaming about how we would eat them for lunch if we could. Well...lo and behold...just about 2pm the said coworker brought me a treat. My very own cupcake. It was the sweetest thing. Made my day. I couldn't believe she took her hour lunch break to drive to Newport and pick one up for me. What a doll. I'll have you know I'm paying it forward and sharing it with my sister tonight!!



Paige said...

I just sent my sister a dozen from a gourmet cupcake shop in vegas (she lives there). They are just so perfect, I'm craving them all the time now.

Paige said...

ps -- did you hear that they are opening one in Seattle?

Cupcake Royale in Ballard has delicious ones too. I'm wearing their shirt right now!

Auburn said...

I can never hear too much about cupcakes. icing is my favorite food . . . seriously.

The Waldon Family said...

Jane!!! Moments like this make me LOVE blogger, it is so much fun to read your stuff. You and Kristine are most awesome, miss ya!