Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two Shows...Two Days

Last Week my friend Sarah and I went to two shows. TWO SHOWS IN TWO DAYS. It was crazy. Both were hour drives and late nights. But worth every ounce of gas and every yawn at work.
Show number 1 was in San Diego at the Casbah. Vampire Weekend played. I had been looking forward to this show for about a month and had played their studio shows from NPR a couple times a week. They have a fresh sound with catchy beats. I love their look featuring collared shirts, levis, and loafers. We were close to the stage which was a bonus.
Show number 2 was Bon Iver in L.A. I am SO happy that I got the chance to see Justin Vernon and hear his rich voice. I had been listening to Bon Iver's show from South By Southwest last week and I wanted to was ridiculous. It's just beautiful music. For a guy that hides away in a cabin for a year he actually seems to be a real and personable guy.
Bon Iver in Los Angeles
Vampire Weekend in San Diego
love this girl.

(Thank you Sarah Usher for pictures. You're a vision and a dream. WINK!)


Kristine said...

What a BLAST! CA is keeping you cool. I love the pictures. Sarah and you are Gorg!

Livi said...

Those shows look like a LOT of fun! I miss the crazy life and driving to shows at late night. I really like all these pics. You both look fab. I especially like your braid Jane, you look really cool as K says.

Jonathan Canlas said...

i'm totally seeing vampire weekend on monday at kilby...i'll be front row. this was the soundtrack while driving on the north shore the beginning of this month. i don't know if i could do 2 shows in 2 days. i did 3 in a week (helio sequence/explosions in the sky/and vampire weekend)...anyway thanks for sayin hey!