Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November '12 classroom

 I've done these leaves ever since I learned them when I was a student teacher. (thank you Mrs. Roper!) They love getting their hands in some Karo syrup + food coloring. We love the shiny result.

Dallas Clayton, you know I love him, came out with a new book and of course I got it. It's a book of poems. Very Shel Silverstein. Can't wait to read it to my kids, but for now it's on my bedside table.

I have a sweet student who draws pictures for me almost daily. I find them in her homework folder each morning. This one was particularly flattering. That jheri curl hair! my!

These fall art projects are pretty scrappy. I put them in centers and they enjoyed them. On the turkeys they practiced counting by 10's. The corn art was coloring in patterns.

I'm continuing my goal of making a class book for each language arts unit. This unit is about living things. We made a book about mammals. I had them illustrate using construction paper, but they couldn't use any pencils or crayons. I LOVED how they turned out! Isn't it amazing how they made the animals. Inspiring. These books have turned out to be a great assessment after the units. I can see that they learned!
Picture 5
Picture 4
Picture 3

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

here's to hoping

I would not be mad if I won this GIVEAWAY on Stephmodo's blog. In fact, I'd be very thankful.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Friendsgiving 2012

1900 E house

It's unanimous that "Friendsgiving" is our favorite friend tradition. I can't believe this is our 4th year doing it. Every year we lose a person to marriage and/or an out-of-state move, but the tradition stays alive! I think the food this year was my favorite yet!

crackers with cranberry + cream cheese
veggie tray
 rainbow jello
baked yams
homemade rolls and jam
rotisserie chicken
pumpkin dessert

Part of the tradition is the little sheets we have for each person and write little i'm-thankful-for-you type ditties for each friend. It's always the nicest to read later and I've saved them from each year.

Topics of the night: 
-is or is not Annie's middle name "Belle"? 
-was Emily's peeking midriff appropriate for her teaching job that day?
-what does Kristine really do at Cartier anyway? 
-Tess's dedication to the rainbow layered jello--she started the process 4 days ahead
-Maggie's stuffing--the hit
-how girls love to tell tragic stories

Friendsgiving archives:
2011 and here

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Metcalf Family Reunion Favorites

Taking a little trip down memory lane today and thinking about my family reunion we had in July. Really good memories with my family and a few of the photos I'll love forever.
mfr 2012_712
mfr 2012_709
mfr 2012_707
mfr 2012_697
mfr 2012_669
mfr 2012_638
mfr 2012_619
mfr 2012_563
mfr 2012_558
mfr 2012_431
mfr 2012_427
mfr 2012_384

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shauna day date

photo 6
photo 7
photo 9
photo 8
Salt Lake City, UT

Shauna was in town and I got a whole day with her! We started with Jamba Juice and then straight to the Natural History Museum. We really had the whole place to ourselves. Turns out Tuesday afternoons in SLC are pretty dead. We went back and forth all day about who was taking who on a date. She took me to the museum, I took her to a movie, and we evened out the playing field at dinner. 
After the museum (and our purchase of geodes) we headed to Broadway to see "Searching for Sugar Man." Have you seen it? You should! It's a documentary about the artist Rodriquez. You probably don't know him now, but you will. Such a fascinating story. (we had the theater practically to ourselves)
Dinner was with Courtney, Maggie, and Tiffany at Pallet. That place is so on point. Seasonal food and right-on atmosphere.
Come again Shauna. And by that I mean, Move here Shauna!