Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November '12 classroom

 I've done these leaves ever since I learned them when I was a student teacher. (thank you Mrs. Roper!) They love getting their hands in some Karo syrup + food coloring. We love the shiny result.

Dallas Clayton, you know I love him, came out with a new book and of course I got it. It's a book of poems. Very Shel Silverstein. Can't wait to read it to my kids, but for now it's on my bedside table.

I have a sweet student who draws pictures for me almost daily. I find them in her homework folder each morning. This one was particularly flattering. That jheri curl hair! my!

These fall art projects are pretty scrappy. I put them in centers and they enjoyed them. On the turkeys they practiced counting by 10's. The corn art was coloring in patterns.

I'm continuing my goal of making a class book for each language arts unit. This unit is about living things. We made a book about mammals. I had them illustrate using construction paper, but they couldn't use any pencils or crayons. I LOVED how they turned out! Isn't it amazing how they made the animals. Inspiring. These books have turned out to be a great assessment after the units. I can see that they learned!
Picture 5
Picture 4
Picture 3


Amy Roper said...

Love your leaves!!!

s.s. bazodi said...

Jane! I love the construction paper art. I do something similar with my jr. high students, and my college teacher did a project like it with us. Never underestimate the creativity of little kids! I LOVE that you incorporate so much art into your teaching!!!

Kristine said...

you are the best jane! i love these posts. i love getting a glimpse of what you do everyday. that animal art is incredible! I love how they made it out of paper!

Megan Coffey said...

The zebra and lion are brilliant! You have some very creative kiddos :)

Holly C M said...

I wish I could go to first grad again and have you for a teacher. I might grow up to be an artist!

mattb said...

This makes me think, "Screw teaching High School. I should be teaching in a bilingual elementary school." How fun.

abby said...

You've got to be the coolest teacher ever! Lucky students.