Sunday, November 18, 2012

Friendsgiving 2012

1900 E house

It's unanimous that "Friendsgiving" is our favorite friend tradition. I can't believe this is our 4th year doing it. Every year we lose a person to marriage and/or an out-of-state move, but the tradition stays alive! I think the food this year was my favorite yet!

crackers with cranberry + cream cheese
veggie tray
 rainbow jello
baked yams
homemade rolls and jam
rotisserie chicken
pumpkin dessert

Part of the tradition is the little sheets we have for each person and write little i'm-thankful-for-you type ditties for each friend. It's always the nicest to read later and I've saved them from each year.

Topics of the night: 
-is or is not Annie's middle name "Belle"? 
-was Emily's peeking midriff appropriate for her teaching job that day?
-what does Kristine really do at Cartier anyway? 
-Tess's dedication to the rainbow layered jello--she started the process 4 days ahead
-Maggie's stuffing--the hit
-how girls love to tell tragic stories

Friendsgiving archives:
2011 and here


emilyhutchison said...

Answer: I quit my job. Any outfit goes.

Kristine said...

it feels weird that i've only been to 1 friendsgiving. but it's my favorite tradition that you guys do and i look forward to the pics every year. My favorite girls in the world!

looks Beautiful! i love the paper flowers you made!

Chris Loves Julia said...

Okay. I want details about that couscous salad?! And the stuffing!! Everything looked so good, including all of you.

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

I was every one of those recipes! That cous cous looks so divine. And that rainbow jello!!!! Legit!!!!!

And I agree, what doooooes Kristine do at Cartier??

Yelle said...

Absolutely adore the table settings!

Lindsey said...

I love this tradition of yours!

Lindsey said...

I love this tradition of yours!