Thursday, November 1, 2012

dead meat

 photo 1
 photo 2
When you are single you end up going to too many costume parties. Friday, Saturday, Monday, and finally the real Halloween on Wednesday. My creative juices were low and my enthusiasm to put a lot of money or effort into a costume were non-existent. I found a $3 butcher knife at Rite Aid and called it a costume. Turns out people really get a kick out of the ole knife through the head trick. I didn't even put fake blood on my face or make myself look dead. It was the weakest, most happiest I've been in a costume. 

How bout that lil kitty and skunk I'm with? Somethin else, those two.


Maggie said...

The dead tongue is still the best

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Ahhhhhh Halloween with you has been my best memories :-) we had so much fun dressing up! Bag ladies?? And going dumpster diving to "get in character!" Love you!!

Kristine said...

you three! get outta here. wish i could've partied with you at any of the 5 parties you attended.

egan wins every year. Best costume.