Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"say your prayers cause you're about to die...of happiness"

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Memorial Day Weekend

Same weekend last year (here, here, here) we took a girl's trip to Vegas. The story this year was St. George for a pool time and a happy birthday Emily time. Saturday in St. George was too breezy cold for a tan so we took Emily for a short stack plate at Bear Paw and then stopped in 2 St. George stores before cruising to Vegas.

This is how it went (all the while cruising in our rental Town & Country mini van):
Bear Paw
S&M Jewelry
Urban Renewal 
Sodas at Fabulous Freddies
Buffalo Exchange
Top Shop
And back to St. George

We took full advantage of road trip mode and stocked up on treats at every stop we made.
pretzel mnm's, mint mnm's, puffed corn pops, chewy jolly ranchers, big hunk, sixlets, peanut butter mnm's, and on. To entertain ourselves from Vegas to St. George late at night Emily did some prank calls that had us in cheek-aching, teary laughter. It's a real talent she has.
We also didn't know if we could hook up our phones for music, so Emily burned 19 mix cd's and she didn't label a single one. We made it through all 19 by the time we pulled into Salt Lake City on Sunday.

The all out favorites:

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