Tuesday, June 12, 2012

27th heaven

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Salt Lake City, UT
 My Birthday

I took the day off work cause it's the best gift I can give myself. I woke up, made waffles with sprinkles, worked on some moving stuff, then cruised to Park City with Annie. We met up with Bitty and had lunch at Kneaders, then met up with Casey to get pedicures. (I threw in a manicure too, cause I'm only 27 once). When we got back I hardly had time for my nails to dry before I was throwing boxes in my car and packing like a crazy person.
For dinner girlfriends and I met up at the new thai place by Sugarhouse park and walked take out over to the park. We sat on blankets, ate such good food, then shared treats Egan brought of pumpkin cookies and strawberries. 
A really great day.

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