Thursday, June 14, 2012

"hey mami" i'm 27

Picture 3

Picture 2
 Picture 1
Mountain Dell 
 Birthday Party!

Egan and Maggie planned a super rad birthday party for me up the canyon at Mountain Dell. It's this sweet little spot you can reserve that has the covered picnic table + fire place area, then baseball fields, restrooms, volleyball courts, playground, horse shoes etc. It's a really cool place. 

This is what went down:
cafe rio takeout
balloon garlands
spray painting
confetti garlands
stringing lights
casey's dads dj system! (best move)
heather's cookies
banana s'mores
best weather
best people
impromptu personalized rhyme from Justin 
Egan and I pretending that we coreographed 
take down

The place was perfect. The party was best I've had.
Thanks party planners and helpers.

 favorite song of the night: hey mami, you sexy-by fanny pack


kate said...

I wanna come. Happy Birthday!

emilyhutchison said...

So many good pics! Best party of the season.

Kristine said...

really great pics! wish i couldve partied with you.

kylie said...

oh! love that new blog header! and you girls - always so hot, trendy and cool and having fun. just glad to see your bday was grand! even if you were away from the sissy