Monday, April 23, 2012

SoCal on a Wednesday

Picture 14
Picture 12
Picture 9
Picture 2
Picture 6
Picture 29
Costa Mesa

A perfect day:
Disneyland with friends and all my favorite rides and some of them twice.

In order of love:
Space Mountain
Tower of Terror
Big Thunder Mtn
Indiana Jones


We met up with friends in Costa Mesa and waited way too long to eat at Umami Burger. While we waited we walked around The Camp Site and The Lab. But Umami was taking too long for your hungry selves, so we bounced across the street to TK Burger which was the best choice we've ever made. Gruuub.


We had "cream on the inside" at McDonald's. Cone season is in full effect.


We finished the night with a roaring round of darts.


Holly C M said...

Looks like fun! Love the photos with the bright color benches and barrels.

holli h. said...

Disneylaaaaand. da best.

Stacie Jensen said...

pretty sure i would a) enjoy being there with you and b) LOVE a blown up copy of that "funny thing" photo for my bedroom. that being said- when do you come back?

Topsy said...

Love all these photos!