Friday, April 6, 2012

April classroom

spring 2
Our art teacher came in and taught the students how to do a landscape scene using colored pencils for the sky and stems and fingerprints in paint for tulips. They turned out adorable. Those little tiny fingers.

cherry blossoms
I taught all the first graders how to do this spring tree with cherry blossoms. We only used one finger in brown paint and made x's and y's for the branches, then filled in the bottom for the trunk. I pre cut the tissue paper and they glued on their blossoms. It made our windowless room a little more livable.

rain bulletin board
The idea here was to make patterns out of spring colored construction paper squares and we cut out a raindrop. I also guided them through a poem writing activity. They had to write a word or two for the following lines:
Object: Spring

I typed them up and they LOVED seeing their poem in print. They read it over and over and felt very proud.

and now I'm off-track for 3 1/2 weeks. Good day.


em said...

cute, jane! those kids are lucky to have you.

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Fun!! You are so awesome! And 3.5 weeks off, lucky! I wish law school worked like that....

Holly C M said...

what beautiful projects you come up with! The reports of these activities at school make me happy.

Stacie Jensen said...

i'm so glad "egg coloring" made this list! ms jensen is proud.