Friday, May 27, 2011

"i'd rather dance with you then talk with you"

it's a babe fest in Vegas this weekend.
and i can't wait to get my arms around these two dancing queens.
could i be any happier?

+video May 2010, pre kristine moving, pre brunette kristine, pre maggie moving


Meagan said...

Your cute bishop!!! lol that's a funny video! I miss yours and Kristine's dance moves....we've had TOO many hilarious dance times together!!!! Oh my gosh. I try and break it down for Brinley every now and then. She actually is quite the dancer. If we're in a restaurant eating and there is music playing, she usually sways and bounces to the music while she's funny. Miss your guts girl.

Maggie said...

This video got me to Vegas faster than a plane ever will.