Thursday, October 7, 2010

ex oh ex oh

shauna-these are the earrings I was talking about. remember giving them to me? it was a long time ago. but i love resurrecting jewelry (and clothes). i thought of you all day and how you're a great gift giver, glee watcher, girlfriend to the max, artist, thrifter, really the ultimate all around

everyone else-do you ever just want spaghetti really bad?/ is anything better in life then listening to ira glass laugh? /do you listen to justin townes earle yet? /i'm writing 5 things i'm thankful for everyday and it feels really good./ i made a felt garland that's longer then you and your entire family, it's in a heap on my floor and i don't know where to put it./ will someone fly me home to seattle next week so i can see my parents, my city, and thrift?/ are you sorry you just read this post?


Ryan and Meagan said...

That's a great idea to write down 5 things that you're grateful for everyday. I need to be better about doing that. I'm kind of a doom and glooom thinker right now. Everything changes when you have a can't just go buy those new boots you saw at the mall. You buy diapers...hahahahaaaa yaaaa life is good. Maybe I'll take you up on that 5 things a day :-)

shauna.m. said...

oh boy thanks! also i think i remember but you should probably come to california so i can get a better look

austinrory said...

in response to the "everyone else" part:

yes/not much/no/cool/i have a tall family, so we'd at least come close. put it all around your room on the walls/i would if i were there/never