Saturday, October 16, 2010

smells like fall spirit

we are in full fall mode around here because:

+I'm definitely not too good for the pumpkin spice cookies. I've made them 2x.
+I've been humming harvest moon for 4 weeks now
+These socks remind me of my sister jen. i'd like my feet to meet them soon.
+I'd like to have a fall dinner party
+Phil (ahem), I mean modern family is ba-ack.
+on the hunt
+Egan and I made pumpkin granola in bulk. it's incredibly tasty.
+I'm 3 deep in knitting and crochet projects
+I'm off track

+picture of pumpkin goody bag for my gma


Holly C M said...

Ha-ha on the socks--yes, they do remind of Jen! Love the sartorialist comment and photo. The granola sounds yummy and looks darling! And I love the dinner party look. Go for it all!

brooke said...

i dont even know how i found your blog but here i am and i'm commenting at the risk of seeming creepy even though we all know people read peoples' blogs and pretend they dont all the time BUT literally everything in this post i was thinking -- "wait, me too. no wait, meeee tooo!"

okay, minus being off-track and making granola. they have cheaper versions of those socks at TJ Maxx at the moment.

brooke said...

(i forgot to add that i made both of these recipes in the last week, and they are still what our pillow talk is made of at our house.