Wednesday, July 21, 2010

year 1

I completed my first year of teaching.
I am amazed everyday that I have this job and that I love my job.
Year 2 is near.
I got my class roster full of 22 cute names. (if you need name ideas for your kids I got em)
Who are the little kids behind those names?
I'm excited to meet them.

Thinking back to year 1, I learned:
-children need attention
-get on the floor and play with them
-laugh a lot
-smile mostly
-high five
-call them by name
-welcome them at the door to class
-dismiss them at the door
-teach using visuals, tools, and lots of practice
-practice team work
-follow through
-read every day
-practice creativity
-despite all the hard work to make school fun, they will still love lunch and recess more


The Roper Family said...

I am positive you are a phenomenal teacher! Those 22 kids are so lucky to have you! I would love to hear about your first year! We should get together and do lunch sometime and talk! I hope you have a great year! Hope you are having a great summer!

Juliann said...

Oh, man! I need that list of girls' names! Send some cute ones to me on facebook, I'm a week and a half away and still don't have a name for Baby #2!

But maybe in five years or so, you can transfer to Uintah and she can be one of your attention-starved, eager-to-learn little students!

Corine said...

oh Jane i am in love with you being a first grade teacher. you are so cute and perfect! I will be teaching kindergarten this fall! advice??? I want all your cute ideas. i'll be calling you

Holly C M said...

I love this post, and you.

Paige said...

You're an amazing teacher and I haven't even been in your classroom. I hope my kids have teachers next year who are as conscious as you are about their classes.